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WALL MASTER 375 PHD Padel Racket

WALL MASTER 375 PHD Padel Racket

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The racket WALL MASTER 375 PHD, dedicated to performing players has been engineered with a round and larger headshape to maximize precision and control. Composed by the specific fiber XTC by TEI to provide the best mix of touch and shock absorption. The head surface is designed with "Spin Skin 3D", for best effects onto the ball. The specific hole pattern PHD with three different diameters allows maximum precision at the center and more tolerance for off-center hits. The top of the frame has been developed with the technology "Front Block", reinforced material and construction at edge for added resistance to shocks against the walls and more durability. For competitors. Precision and control. Comforable and resistant. Round head shape


MaterialGraphite / EVA
Weight375g / 13,2oz
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